What is CLAN doing now?

The pace of change in CLAN can actually be so fast that it is hard to keep track at times! Almost weekly new developments and events promote new interest in our work and the chance to explore new partnerships.

This is exciting, because it means that more can be achieved for children living with chronic health condtions in resource-poor countries. Traditionally these children and families have suffered in silence - for too long they have had no voice. CLAN is committed to bringing the voices of these chidlren and families to the attention of the world, working in partnership with the families and others to effect sustainable change, and advocating for the children to enjoy what is rightfully theirs - optimal health, happiness and the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life and contribute meaningfully to their communities and countries.

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We would encourage everyone to consider ways that they too could become more involved. Please ask yourself:

What could I do to help? 




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