CLAN (Caring & Living As Neighbours) was founded in Australia in 2004, and was incorporated by the NSW Department of Fair Trading as a charitable, non-profit organisation in 2007.

CLAN was approved by AusAID for Overseas Aid Gift Deductibility Scheme (OAGDS) status in 2008 and by the Australian Taxation Office for tax deductibility status in 2009. CLAN is formally associated with the UNDPI/NGO and a member of WHO's PMNCH.

CLAN identifies strongly with its geographic neighbours in the Asia Pacific region, and is committed to the vision that children living with long-term, chronic health conditions in low-middle income countries of our region will one day enjoy the same high quality of life as that of children in higher income countries such as Australia.

However, redressing the current extremes of global inequity experienced by children with existing health conditions in resource-poor countries will take a concerted global effort, and for this reason CLAN is also committed to networking beyond our own neighbourhood as well. Influencing international policy makers is a key objective for CLAN, and the most realistic chance we have of effecting sustainable, global change for children everywhere.

A key activity for CLAN in recent years has been around advocacy efforts for children and adolescents within the global NCD (Non-Communicable Disease), health and development discourse. In 2011 CLAN worked as Chair of the Child-focused Working Group of the NCD Alliance, and in 2013 CLAN took on the role of inaugural Secretariat of NCD Child (, a global coalition of organisations and individuals committed to a life-course approach to NCDs.

Left alone, children living with chronic disease - and their families - have no power to effect change for themselves.

But when we all work together, anything is possible!