Florinef and Hysone to Surabaya

CLAN's first-ever delivery of Florinef and Hysone have arrived safely in Indonesia. We are grateful to the Customs Officers who allowed the treating doctor to take possession of the medications without any difficulty. 

Unable to access any Florinef in Indonesia over the preceeding 3 months, doctors and parents had had to resort to giving the children oral salt as regularly as possible. Unfortunately this is a common measure that has to be taken in some countries. Sadly however, it doesn't work for all children... one baby in the Philippines was "crashing" even with second-hourly oral salt mixtures, and was unable to leave hospital - until the Florinef arrived... Now the child is thriving!

Purchased on the black market, hydrocortisone tablets had been prohibitively expensive, and long-term supply for patients was under threat. However, thanks to the generous support of Alphapharm, who donated several months' supply for FREE, hydrocortisone stocks in Surabaya are now secure for the time being.
CLAN is committed to its ongoing support of CAH families in East Java, and are proud to be working with the wonderful staff at Prof Soetomo Hospital, Airlangga University. Long-term access to affordable medication will be our joint long-term aim for CAH patients in Indonesia.