Partnering with the Atfaal Welfare Society

In Pakistan CLAN has had the privilege of collaborating with doctors at the National Institute of Child Health in Karachi (NICH), to explore ways to improve quality of life for children living with CAH and Diabetes.

After first meeting to discuss opportunities in 2007, the doctors at NICH have achieved amazing things - and even started their own charitable organisation called the Atfaal Welfare Society. Please visit their web-site to learn more about their great work.

CLAN and Atfaal continue to collaborate, and will explore ways to work together to improve the lives of children living with long-term health conditions in Pakistan.

Autism in Pakistan

The National Institute of Child Health is also doing work in the field of Autism, helping children and families enjoy better lives.

Autism Awareness Workshop at NICH Karachi 23May09 - Part 1 of 10

Autism Awareness Day Pakistan - Kiran & George Show - Part 2/7