CLAN is working with partners in Vietnam and Australia to support a community development approach to increasing capacity and improving healht outcomes for children living with Autism in Vietnam. In 2009 CLAN was involved in the inaugural Autism Support Club in South Vietnam and in 2010 will support 3 staff members from Children's Hospital 1 to travel to Australia for training and ongoing skill development.

Currently the situation for children and families in Vietnam is desperate. As one visiting Australian specialist reported recently:

"Need for Parent Club developmentThe situation for parents is desperate. They are shocked by the diagnosis, vulnerable to anxiety and depression, and uncertain what to do... (they) must return home and basically fend for themselves with almost no resources available in the community. Those who can afford it may send their children to some of the very few available specialist pre-school centres, but most cannot and their children are often rejected from public preschools because they are too difficult to manage. There is urgent need for the development of parent clubs in cities and provinces which can function as sources of mutual support for families, facilitate knowledge and resource sharing, and act as lobby groups for more services. A good model to follow is that of the CLAN organization which has developed clubs for parents of children with diabetes and with CAH.
Older children with ASDAs far as I could tell there are almost no supports for school aged children with ASD and their families. An epidemiological study would help to identify the numbers of children in need and provide essential data for the development of services for different age groups. Parent Clubs should also take in families of older children."

CLAN is expoloring opportunities to network and collaborate with Australian and international partners to promote the cause of children and families living with autism in Vietnam.

Free Visual Resources

Resources on Autism in Vietnamese

  • Through My Eyes - sung by Thanh Bui (a song to help raise awareness relating to Autism)
  • Qua doi mat em - translated version of Through My Eyes sung by the Vietnamese Autism Community on 18 April 2010, as they walked the streets of Hanoi, raising awareness of the issues facing children living with Autism in their country