Update – Support for Individuals living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Vietnam

Update – Support for Individuals living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Vietnam

October 2015

My name is Tahni Aitken and I have recently linked back in with CLAN to support groups and individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Vietnam. My background is education for people with an ASD and supporting families. I have a long history working with Autism Spectrum Australia and prior to that working in the UK in early education for children with an ASD and I have a passion for working and supporting people in a less advantageous position than myself. This led me several years ago to seek out ways I could use my knowledge and contacts and help those who need it. I am not even sure how Kate Armstrong and I ended up coming together, but after taking time out for my young family, I have been able to manage the time to link back in with CLAN and hopefully build links and provide support.

After attending a CLAN teleconference in September, I was very inspired to hear about the amazing work they are doing. It seems like CLAN has come a really long way in a few short years and is linked in with inspiring projects around the globe. I left the teleconference feeling really excited to have linked back in with such a wonderful organisation who is involved in the type of work that really motivates me.

The connection back with CLAN was very timely as just after I linked in I was told that Yen from the Vietnamese Autism Network in Hanoi ( www.tretuky.com) was here visiting and would benefit from linking in with professionals in the field of autism. This is where I was able to come in. I set up some meetings for Yen with Joanna Miles from the Early Days Program at Autism Spectrum Australia, Vicky Little, Employment Coordinator from Aspect Capable and Shauna Whiteford from the Aspect Positive Behaviour Support Team and NSW Autism Advisor Program. These staff members were able to share their resources and knowledge with Yen and for that she was very grateful.

I have also linked back in with Khoai from Gia Dinh School just outside of Ho Chi Minh City and Trang from the Live with Autism Club in Ho Chi Minh City and have been able to provide them with some translated resources I have been collating from various programs and organisations.

My hope from here is to be able to continue to provide links with those organisations who work with individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and expand the reach within Australia and Vietnam. I know that there are many professionals in Australia who would love the opportunity to help and many people in Vietnam who would benefit greatly and so I hope to be able to continue to build these relationships.