The challenges facing HIV+ mothers and children

Whilst CLAN has not specifically worked in the field of HIV/AIDS, we acknowledge the challenges facing children who are affected by HIV/AIDS in low-middle income settings.

Learning more is a good starting point!

Knowledge is power, so it's good to learn all we can. At the recent UNDPI/NGO Conference "Towards Global Health: Achieve the MDGs", Sister Mary Owens, a member of Nyumbani in Kenya gave an inspiring talk on their work with children who have been orphaned by the HIV epidemic. Many of the children are HIV+ themselves, so Nyumbani has become a centre of excellence in HIV management as well as providing a home and family for the children. Access to appropriate medication is a major challenge in their efforts to help the children - most particularly for children who develop resistance to particular antiviral medications. No doubt similar challenges exist in all African countries (see HIV/AIDS in Uganda), and we are reminded yet again of the unique burdens facing children who are living with chronic health conditions in low-income settings, and the need for specific action to support them so that they might realize their basic rights to health and life.

World AIDS Day is December 1 each year... An opportunity annually to pause and reflect on the plight of children living with HIV/AIDS in resource-poor settings. What can we all do to help?

Photos from Papua New Guinea - a child's experience living with HIV in PNG.


- INVISIBLE: Children Living With HIV/AIDS - on You Tube

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