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Everyone has a role to play!


Everyone has a role to play in improving the lives of children who are living with long-term health conditions in resource-poor countries of the world. It is beyond the reach of the health sector and families alone to effect long-term, sustainable change on the global scale needed for genuine realisation of the rights of children living with chronic health conditions in resource poor countries.


If we are to see REAL change, everyone MUST come together and work in true partnership. This will require people in low and high income settings to come together, and engage with one another in respectful partnership and two-way consultation.


Identifying groups of children who are living with the same health condition as members of a distinct, united, international community, CLAN takes a community development approach to effecting sustainable change. We achieve this through our 5 pillared strategic framework for action.


When planning action to support and empower communities of children and their families, CLAN takes on an advocacy role, using any power it has to tap into the voices of the children and families, and support them in their efforts to achieve better lives. For many families, when their child is diagnosed with a serious, long-term health condition, life can be such an enormous struggle that they are unable to personally be involved in advocacy efforts to effect change. Worse still, if their child dies, the stories of the families are rarely heard, and in fact are usually lost to the world forever. CLAN recognises that particular effort must be taken to listen to the voices of these children and families, so their stories are not lost, but rather can contribute to a global effort for change for children everywhere.


The range of stakeholders that CLAN seeks to involve are broad, and include:

- children and families living with long-term health conditions

- health professionals

- pharmaceutical industry

- business & industry

- philanthropy

- policy makers

- national and international communities

- education, labour & other government ministry sectors

- the arts

- the media


Only through a broad, cross-sectoral, systemic approach will sustainable inroads be made, impacting not just on the health of children alive now, but on those that are yet to come. CLAN acknowledges the power of the Social Determinants of Health, and actively considers how such factors can be incorporated into all of our planning.


What might your role be?


Please ask yourself... "What can I do to help?"