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From 18-19 September some wonderful friends of CLAN walked a staggering 38km to raise funds to help translate some key educational resources into different languages for children living with long-term health conditions in Vietnam and Indonesia.





A friend of one of our walkers was inspired to put pen to paper with a touching poem...


Ode to Kendoll (aka "Bubbles")

She said, "wear comfy shoes", as I head off up the track

First she smiled and then she cried, in case I don't come back.

So here I am trudging up the six foot track

It's Saturday now, and on Sunday I'll be back.


She said, "wear comfy shoes" and I wish that I had.

The blisters they are biting and my skin is just one crack.

I have walked eighteen kilometers, it's the same coming back,

I hate the Blue Mountains and I hate this bloody track!


She said, "wear comfy shoes" as I struggle with my team,

Leadership is difficult when one's a Drama Queen.

She's stuck in the middle of the only swinging bridge

And me without champagne, how difficult is this?


I should have worn "comfy shoes" or maybe stayed at home

My fitness is a bother, my hair it needs a comb.

Grace will be so proud of me, I've done it step by step

And raised a lot of money, so from me, No Regret.