Autism Project 2010 a huge success

Autism Project 2010 a huge success

CLAN is extremely grateful to Hoc Mai Foundation for funding the project, and to all the wonderful individuals and organisations in Australian who offered the visiting Vietnamese staff a chance to participate. We will have a completed report online soon, but in the meantime share a Thank-You card from the staff to everyone involved... We would especially like to thank RMIT Vietnam for their support with English language training, as this made the whole project possible. After diligently studying English for many months before travelling, the staff were able to confidently participate in a broad range of placements in Australia, and we are so grateful to the many stakeholders in Australia who generously gave of their time and effort to make the project a success.

Three staff members working in the field of Autism and Disability at Children's Hospital 1 in HCMC, Vietnam return home this week after 8 weeks of study, observation and participation at some of the peak Autism centres in Australia.



The 8 week project was a massive collaborative effort, and the staff take back with them not only a range of experiences but also a virtual "Toolkit" complete with first-class resources that will help them on their return home to work with key partners to build capacity in the field of Autism in Vietnam.


Sincerest thanks to all involved - the project was a tremendous success because of your generosity.


(Photo - staff from Children's Hospital 1, HCMC Vietnam were welcomed by local Vietnamese-Australian Autism communities in Sydney and Melbourne)