CLAN Attends UN High Level Meeting on NCDs

CLAN Attends UN High Level Meeting on NCDs

CLAN returned to New York City on 19 and 20 September 2011 to take part in the UN high-Level Meeting on NCDs. CLAN was fortunate enough to have been one of only two Australian NGO’s invited to attend the General Assembly meetings. It was an exciting couple of days with member states, such as Australia, making concrete commitments to addressing the challenges posed by NCDs. Amy Eussen attended the Opening Plenary of the High-Level Meeting in the General Assembly and Dr Armstrong attended Round Table 3 on the “Fostering international cooperation, as well as coordination, to address non-communicable diseases”.

During the time in New York City, CLAN also attended a variety of side-events being held. These included one hosted by the WHO entitled “What gets measured, gets done”; the NCD Alliance NGO Briefing before the Summit, as well as the De-briefing Session "From Advocacy to Action" after the Summit; the Global Health Council event “Tackling NCDs: How Can Existing Platforms Be Leveraged?”; WHO & UNAIDS UN Side-event on HIV and NCDs: "Achieving Health Equity: Uniting around a common agenda to address NCDs and HIV" and an event on “NCDs and the Law”.


A highlight of the time in New York was the attendance of Dr Armstrong at the “Every Woman, Every Child” launch of Commitments which was sponsored by the UN Secretary-General. This included CLAN’s commitment as a partner of the PMNCH (Partnership for Maternal and Newborn Child Health) to continue its grassroots work and lobbying and advocacy efforts on the international stage.





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