Celebrating a new partnership with APMA NSW

Celebrating a new partnership with APMA NSW

On the 2nd of June 2017 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Australia Pakistan Medical Association NSW (APMA NSW) and CLAN (Caring & Living As Neighbours). Through this new partnership both organisations aspire to collaborate on the development, support, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives to improve the health outcomes of children and adolescents living with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and other chronic health conditions in Pakistan.

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To achieve optimal outcomes, both organisations plan to continue to focus on key objectives that have contributed to their achievements thus far.

APMA NSW is a member of CAPMA (the Council of Australia Pakistan Medical Associations), a national organisation representing all medical professionals of Pakistani descent in Australia. There are an estimated 1200 doctors of Pakistani descent working in Australia, making CAPMA and APMA NSW very powerful and influential networks for CLAN to be fortunate enough to connect with. APMA NSW members aspire to contribute to the development of a modern, enlightened, caring, and sustainable healthcare administration and education system in Australia and Pakistan, and to help serve the people of these respective countries. APMA NSW is confident that building and maintaining an adequate modern healthcare and education system will help Pakistan emerge as a prosperous and respectable nation.

CLAN is grateful to tap into the cultural expertise and strong community networks APMA NSW offers our NGO in both Australia and Pakistan. We believe this important new partnership will strengthen CLAN's capacity to contribute to sustainable improvements in child health, utilising our Strategic Framework for Action and the five pillars as key objectives: affordable access to medicine and equipment; education, research and advocacy; optimistion of medical management; encouragement of family support groups; and reducing poverty and promoting financial independence. Together we are confident of contributing positively to the quality of life experienced by children (and their families) living with NCDs and other chronic health conditions in both Pakistan and Australia.

CLAN would like to thank APMA NSW for this opportunity to work together for the benefit of children, adolescents and families. Our mutual interests have led us to form a coalition that recognises the importance of working together in an effective and harmonious manner to improve health outcomes in the most efficient way. We can’t wait to see where this journey will take us and look forward to working together to achieve our mutual goals. 

A special report by Stephanie Carde (CLAN Intern, 2017)