Connecting Autism Communities in Vietnam and Australia

Connecting Autism Communities in Vietnam and Australia

Since 2007 CLAN has enjoyed a long-term relationship with the Autism community of Vietnam.

In late 2015 we received contact from an Australian Autism expert to let us know they were travelling to Vietnam on holidays, and asking if there was anyway they could help out… This was wonderful news!!! The answer was YES!

Our sincerest thanks to Khaoi Vo of Gia Dinh School in Ho Chi Minh City for working so closely with Tahni Aitken (our Autism community co-ordinator at CLAN) to arrange a really special connection between the Australian and Vietnamese Autism communities...

On 4 January 2016 Anna Jordan, Autism Advisor from  Autism Spectrum Australia, spent a morning with teachers, parents and children with disabilities at Gia Dinh School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Anna was able to share her professional expertise about supporting children with autism and answered some questions from the group. Everyone enjoyed the meeting very much, although as time was limited and Anna was not able to provide nearly enough information to help the attendees in the one morning, arrangements were made to share resources developed and used by the Vietnamese Autism community here in Australia with everyone involved. 

Learning more about the needs of Gia Dinh School and the Autism community in HCMC

After the meeting, Anna was able to speak with staff of Gia Dinh school to learn more about some of the immediate needs they have:

- Gia Dinh School would benefit from a qualified Occupational Therapist to share information, strategies and equipment which are benefical to supporting the sensory needs of the children. They would also benefit from more information about sensory support. If you are an OT with experience working with children with an ASD we would love to hear from you if you had any time available to share information with the school via information technology or if you are travelling to Ho Chi Minh City and would like to volunteer any time you have that would be fantastic also.

- Gia Dinh would value more information about social skills, behaviour support, avoiding use of the word ‘naughty’ and negative labelling. If you have information or experience in this area that you would be willing to share, please let us know. Any social skills programs or training would be fantastic.

- Support from a Speech Therapist, Psychologist or Special Education teacher would also be highly beneficial as the network would benefit from more detailed information on specific topics.

CLAN would like to say a huge thank you to Anna Jordan and Khoai Vo of Gia Dinh School for their amazing efforts and dedication to connecting the Autism communities of Australia and Vietnam!

Please read Anna's blog here!

If you would like to contact CLAN to learn more about our activities with Autism communities internationally, please contact tahni(at)