Dr. Nasir Saddal's professional visit

Dr. Nasir Saddal's professional visit

In February 2017, CLAN sponsored Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Nasir Saddal, from the Department of Pediatric surgery at the National Institute of Child Health in Karachi, Pakistan to visit Australia to work alongside the medical personnel at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney. During the professional visit, Dr Saddal aimed to learn more about telescopic rod implantation for treatment of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) in hopes of bringing the method back with him to treat children living with OI in Pakistan, a project referred to as the Pakistan Develop Rod Project.

Throughout his time in Sydney, Dr Saddal worked closely with Professor David Little of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. With the help of Professor Little, Dr Saddal meticulously observed each step a patient with OI must go through in order to successfully receive the rod implantation. Most patients observed ranged from infant age to 16 years and had a range of hip complications. Dr Saddal reviewed several case studies alongside x-ray images in order to build knowledge on the rod surgery as a form of treatment for OI. Professor Little and Dr Saddal engaged in discussion on the criteria for selecting patients for the rod surgery, and once case studies were reviewed and rod surgery was decided upon, Dr Saddal observed these surgeries performed by Professor Little and his team.

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Dr Saddal met with interdisciplinary health professionals to further his understanding of OI management working closely with senior consultant Dr. Michael Bellmore who specialises in pediatric hip surgeries, Dr Axt, an orthopedic surgeon for patients with Cerebral Palsy, Pediatric knee surgery specialist Dr Dao Quang, pediatric hip and foot surgeon Dr Oliver Brik, and connective tissue disorders specialist Dr Craig Munns. 

Dr Saddal joined Dr. Kate Armstrong at the Australian Pakistan Medical Association meeting held in conjunction with CLAN. Throughout the meeting both organizations discussed the possibility of funding opportunities for NICH. The organizations also discussed working together on the Urdu translation of education materials for patients and families living with NCDs. CLAN and AMPA NSW have recently joined forces and signed a Memorandum of Understanding, agreeing to work together to help the people of Pakistan and Urdu speaking community of Australia. CLAN is thankful for this wonderful new partnership and is looking forward to working hand in hand with AMPA NSW to address the pressing health concerns of communities in Pakistan and Australia.  

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Dr Saddal’s visit was essential for the future of children with OI in Pakistan as it enabled him to forge key relationships with Australian health professionals and the Australian OI community. Dr Saddal was able to learn different surgical techniques in pediatric orthopedic patients whilst working alongside medical professionals from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Dr Saddal and CLAN would like to thank everyone who helped make his professional visit a success. Thanks are given but not limited to Professor David Little, Dr Michael Bellmore, Dr Axt, Dr Dao Quang, Dr Oliver Brik, Dr Craig Munns, and the Children’s Hospital of Westmead. 

An article by CLAN intern Stephanie Carde