Florinef now available in the Philippines with "Compassionate Use" waiver form!

Florinef now available in the Philippines with "Compassionate Use" waiver form!

At a  recent meeting of families and health professionals caring for children and young people who are living with CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) in the Philippines, difficulties around access to Florinef was identified as a major challenge and burden for families.

Thanks to the efforts of those helping children with cancer in the Philippines however, this problem is about to change forever...

So what do Childhood Cancer and CAH have in common?

As founding Secretariat of NCD Child, CLAN has long believed in the power of collaboration and networking to drive change. To this end, we were thrilled to catch up with wonderful colleagues from childhood Cancer Warriors Foundation whilst in Manila, visit their headquarters and discuss opportunities for future collaboration to benefit all young people living with chronic health conditions in the Philippines.

During discussions, shared frustrations over access to Florinef in the Philippines were raised. For families that CLAN works with, Florinef (fludrocortisone) is one of two key drugs needed to save the lives of children living with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). For some childhood cancer survivors, the side effects of brain tumours and their treatment can result in panhypopituitary syndrome, resulting in life-long dependence upon Florinef (amongst several other drugs) for survival.

A happy discovery

During their travels in Manila, CLAN and Cancer Warriors paid a visit to St Luke's Hospital in Manila, and made enquiries at the Pharmacy department about potential solutions to the shared Florinef dilemma. Coincidentally, Florinef had only recently been made available locally at St Luke's provided patients had a waiver form signed by their treating doctor. This dramatic change had been driven by an endocrinologist frustrated by lack of access for patients with pan hypopituitary syndrome, but will now serendipitously also benefit all CAH families also. Local access means families in Manila who need Florinef will no longer have to travel internationally (or seek support internationally) to access supplies.

This is WONDERFUL news for all members of the CAH and Childhood Cancer communities of the Philippines, and CLAN would like to sincerely thank the wonderful team at Cancer Warriors Foundation and their doctors at St Luke's Hospital in Manila for their invaluable role driving change in access to Florinef in the Philippines.