Focus on Autism

Focus on Autism

We have been so fortunate to welcome Tahni Aitkin to our Australian Team! 

Tahni has been working in the field of Autism for the past 20 years and has worked in both Australia and the United Kingdom in early education for children on the Autism spectrum. She has also worked in parent training, education and support.

For the past eight years, Tahni has been working with Autism Spectrum Australia and has now taken on the role of Autism Community Manager at CLAN. Her role is to connect with resource poor communities who are supporting people on the Autism spectrum. She has done a wonderful job connecting people via a monthly newsletter which is used to share information about autism focused around CLAN’s 5 Pillars.

Significant work has also been achieved connecting people from different communities who may be able to support each other, and also want to help connect professionals who are these regions with the people in the communities who need support.

Currently, Autism Communities have been established in Uganda, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Bahamas and there is a lot of work happening to connect Aboriginal Communities in Australia.

If you would like to subscribe to the CLAN Autism Community Links Newsletter or would like to chat to Tahni about how you can connect to these communities, please email