NCD Alliance lends a voice to the children!

NCD Alliance lends a voice to the children!

CLAN is grateful to the NCD Alliance for its important work ensuring that children are not neglected within upcoming discussions leading up to the UN High Level Meetings on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in New York City in September 2011.


View the latest updates on the NCD Alliance efforts for children at the NCD Alliance website. An influential range of passionate stakeholders are working together to promote the cause of children and ensure their voices are heard. A policy brief has been prepared (see NCD Alliance web-site for copy) and more work is underway to raise the profile of children within the NCD discourse.


Children suffer from chronic diseases too (it's not just adults!), and it is time to redress the enormous global inequity that children with chronic health conditions currently endure in resource-poor countries. Children must ALSO be an important focus of sustainable, prevention-based efforts to tackle chronic diseases globally - the burden of the next generation's chronic disease costs will be less if we start caring about the children of today!


Change IS possible - it's not all "too hard" if we all work together. Efforts towards systems-based change that builds the capacity of health systems to effectively deal with chronic diseases such as NCDs will only succeed if we include children in our plans and actions NOW.

So let's hear it for the kids!


Thanks NCD Alliance!