Please Vote!!! A Grand Challenges video submission by Duncan Matheka for children living with RHD

Please Vote!!! A Grand Challenges video submission by Duncan Matheka for children living with RHD


Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) is a killer. RHD is the most common cardiovascular disease in Kenya and mainly affects school-age children. RHD is preventable, and yet thousands of children are living with RHD and suffering unnecessary side effects. RHD was recognised by Member States at the 2013 World Health Assembly as a Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) that is resulting in unnecessary suffering and harm to young people when it is not being appropriately managed.

Fortunately there are many who are committed to making a difference. In Kenya a range of stakeholders are coming together for the children, committed not only to preventing RHD, but also ensuring that children who are currently living with RHD enjoy the highest quality of life possible.
Please watch this video to see HOW they plan to do it - and vote to support their efforts!!!

CLAN would ask that you support this amazing vision for children who are living with RHD in Kenya. The video was produced by Duncan Matheka, a young health professional from the University of Nairobi (Kenya). Duncan is also the African Delegate of the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (YPCDN) and coordinates the Kenyan chapters of YPCDN. He has led medical students and young professionals in research and community health promotion projects towards preventing and mitigating NCDs. CLAN first had the privilege of meeting with Duncan at an ECOSOC event in 2012 exploring Young People, NCDs and Decent Work that NCD Child collaborated on with UNICEF and PAHO, and we were inspired by his passion for change. Duncan gave an inspirational account of his work at the recent NCDFREE event in Boston, September 2013.

Duncan has been doing exciting work with WiRED, educating primary school children on rheumatic heart disease (RHD) and how to prevent this chronic health condition that affects thousands of children in Kenya. As well as focusing on primary prevention, Duncan also hopes to launch RHD patient support clubs in Kenya soon. To this end he has submitted an application to the Grand Challenges Canada competition, proposing to set up the RHD patient support clubs using CLAN's community development model based within existing healths systems, and thereby achieve multi-pronged patient support in a very cost-effective way.

Thank-you so much for your support - we would be SO grateful if you would please vote for Duncan's video submission! Winning the Grand Challenges Canada competition would be an incredible kick-start, and part of the adjudication process is that people must vote for the videos...

Please visit the following link to view the video and vote for Duncan’s application: