Pillar 2 - Education, Research & Advocacy

The essential role of publications

Traditionally the voices of chidren and families living with chronic medical conditions in resource-poor countries have gone unheard. Their suffering has not been raised to the attention of those in power, and so their plight goes unseen and unheard. The full tragedy occurs when children die... those most severely affected of all are lost forever, ensuring their voices are never heard.

As part of our second pillar, CLAN is committed to educating ourselves as much as anyone else. We are committed to the concepts of community development, hearing the voices of the communities we partner with, and letting their stories and their recommendations guide our efforts.

However, CLAN also believes that it is time these voices were heard by others as well. To this end we are committed to reporting back to communities and the broader national and international communities, to harness the support and multi-sectoral action that will be vital to long-term, sustainable change. Publications and communication through the media form an essential component of this strategic approach.


Recent Reports

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