Solucortef is saving lives in Indonesia!

Solucortef is saving lives in Indonesia!


In 2015 - 2016, CLAN collaborated with APPES (the Asia Pacific Pediatric Endocrinology Society) to conduct a snapshot survey of pediatric endocrinologists living in the Asia Pacific, to learn more about the challenges and burdens facing children living with endocrine conditions in the region.

A surprising outcome of the survey was to learn of the relatively high rates of preventable mortality associated with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) in Indonesia. When this was investigated further, it was revealed that children and families in Central Java were not able to access hydrocortisone for injection, and as a result an estimated 12% of children with CAH were dying during acute illness from untreated adrenal crises (by comparison, mortality associated with CAH in Australia and other high income countries is almost 0%).

CLAN was proud to work in partnership with KAHAKI members (the Indonesian CAH Community of Indonesia), doctors in Central Java and the Indonesian Pediatric Endocrinology Society to urgently address this humanitarian emergency. A one-off purchase of 50 vials of Solucortef (hydrocortisone for injection manufactured by Pfizer, Australia) from Children’s Hospital Westmead, Sydney, Australia was immediately dispatched to Dr Agustini Utari in Central Java. Dr Agustini then worked with her colleagues to develop a local distribution plan that incorporated extensive education for families and health professionals, and within a month all families of children with CAH in the region had access to emergency treatment for CAH.

Since starting this program, no child given access to these vials has died. Encouragingly, the Indonesian Pediatric Endocrinology Society is also leading national efforts to register hydrocortisone for injection and include the drug in national formulary and insurance lists so that it is locally and affordably available to all in the future.

CLAN would like to thank all involved in this project for the lives they have saved and changed through collaborative action. Thank you so much for caring for our neighbours’ children this way.