Wishbone Day 2017 celebrated in Pakistan

Wishbone Day 2017 celebrated in Pakistan

A brief report by Samara Hanif (OI Educator at NICH)

As they have every year since the inaugural celebrations in 2015, the team at the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) in Karachi, Pakistan once again worked with the Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) community of Pakistan to celebrate " Wishbone Day”, an International Day of Awareness for OI which falls on 6th of May each year.

NICH is the only children's hospital in Sindh Province providing complete treatment and management for children living with OI.  This community event is celebrated every year at NICH to help raise awareness of Osteogenesis Imperfecta in Pakistan, and is a great opportunity for families to connect and interact with each other and learn more about the best ways to help children living with OI to enjoy the highest quality of life possible.


Wishbone Day 2017 celebrations in Pakistan started with a speech by Prof. Jamal Raza (Director NICH), outlining the treatment and management of OI patients at NICH. Dr. Mohsina Ibrahim (Senior Paediatric Endocrinologist at NICH) spoke next, and briefly discussed some of the complications facing children living with OI, as well as their management.

Dr. Nasir Salim Saddal (Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon at NICH) then shared information on surgical options available, with specific reference to some recent successful operation on several OI patients at NICH. Dr Nasir also then demonstrated to families the construction of a low cost walker for use by children, using materials and method that are affordably available to all and offer support for children who need assistance with walking.

Finally, a motivational speaker, Mr Arsal Fahim, was invited to address the families. Mr Arsal led an interactive session involving children and parents, with the goal of encouraging everyone to not just survive but also thrive in life.

Wishbone Day 2017 at NICH concluded with a cake cutting ceremony. Overall, the event was considered a huge success by all, and it is hoped that media coverage achieved in a national newspaper will help raise awareness of OI across the country.

CLAN's sincerest thanks go to the team at NICH for their every effort to support and empower patients and families attending their hospital for care. 

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