Youth Shine Academy, Bali, Indonesia

Youth Shine Academy, Bali, Indonesia

To celebrate World Autism Day 2016, CLAN would like to shine a spotlight on some friends in Indonesia doing some incredible work for children.... This update is written by Jentina Yulyanti, Co-Founder of Youth Shine Academy.

Having a unique and special child is not a big problem or bad news, but rather a blessing because after all children are the gift of God Almighty that we should be grateful for. But many parents are frustrated because of confusion about how to fulfill the needs of children who are living with Autism, especially in the field of education and spiritual wellbeing. To be able to assist parents to fulfill the needs of children living with Autism in Indonesia, we formed an inclusion school called Youth Shine Academy, with the hope we become a bridge between parents and children and the answer to the special needs of all children in Indonesia.
Youth Shine Academy was established on January 23, 2003 in Denpasar-Bali by Teguh Jaya Putra and Jentina Yulyanti. The founders are originally not from particular educational background, but armed with the knowledge of online tutorials and care to provide the best education for special needs children, they established Inclusion School Youth Shine Academy and become a Formal Foundation named Yayasan Meidina Nusantara in 2013.

Our Vision: To be the best alternative education institution in Indonesia

Our Mission: To be the facilitator for the community and the government in the intellectual life of children with special needs through quality education nationally and internationally.

Non-formal school is an alternative education system that is currently the choice of parents to give education to their children, where existence is legitimate, recognized and equal to the formal school according to the law in Indonesia. Non-formal school is an Education Unit Equality issued by the Department of Education as a process of education services conscious, organized, and directed to do parent / family at home or other places where the learning process takes place in an atmosphere conducive to the goal of developing any potential unique abilities a child can develop optimally.

By using the "one on one teaching" and curriculum we named the program SHINE (Systematized Holistic Intervention and Natural Education). Youth Shine Academy focuses on five areas of the development of children's fundamental, namely the physical, cognitive, adaptive, communication and socio-emotional. Parents also receive student progress reports (report cards) in the middle of the semester and semester. Teachers in Youth Shine Academy are those of qualified and experienced in their field and are dedicated from many specialized educational backgrounds that complement each other in order to achieve the best results in the child's learning. The material taught by teachers are systematically arranged, structured and measurable and friendly, to make every child comfortable and show the maximum results.

1. The 1945 Constitution of The Republic of Indonesia Article 31
Paragraph (1) Every citizen has the right to education.
Paragraph (2) Every citizen is obliged to follow elementary education and the government is obliged to finance it.
2. Law on National Education System
UU no. 20/2003 on the National Education System Article 27:
1) Non-formal and Informal education activities carried out by the family and the environment in the form of self-directed learning activities.
2) Results of education referred to in subsection (1) recognized at the formal and non formal education after students pass the exam in accordance with national education standards.

Diplomas & TEST SYSTEM
There are three kinds of diplomas that can be achieved by our students, depending on the student's ability, namely:
1. Formal diploma, with the mechanism of the National Final Examination (UAN)
2. Non-formal diploma, the National Examination mechanism Equality
3. International Diploma in Cambrige International Examination

A. Classical Community (2 Guru - 12 students)
Classical community is a system where some students join a community learning classroom in Youth Shine Academy.
B. Individual Class (One teacher - One Student)
It is a system in which children learn independently at home, usually accompanied by teachers from Youth Shine Academy appointed.
C. Treatment Children with Special Needs (Autism, Hyperactivity, Short Concentration, ETC)
A handling system with the method of the children of the teachers, can learn at home or in school Youth Shine Academy appointed.
D. Tutoring (Bimbel YSA / PreBimbel)
Bimbel YSA is tutoring for elementary school students and junior high school that focused on five subjects namely Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies and Indonesian, while PreBimbel for students Kindergarten Kindergarten A & B are focused on calistung and pre-academic.

The development of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) every year is increasing rapidly from 2-5 cases of 10,000 children before 1990 is now 1 case of 50 children. It is estimated that today in the world there are 50 million more people with Autism. Seeing the pitiful state it would be prudent if we begin to open your eyes and take on the burden of establishing this generation become better generation because they are the ones who will replace us next.

Komunitas Peduli Autis Indonesia or Community Care Autism Indonesia (KOMPETISI) invites everyone to share love together to ease the burden of our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate to become Orangtua Asuh Peduli Autis or Foster Parents Care for Autism (OTAPA) as a form of solidarity to build a better generation. The program is organized on the principle of mutual cooperation and solidarity, there is no compulsion to follow the program because each OTAPA committed adopt underprivileged students Shine Youth Academy for 12 months by giving a donation every month to offset the cost of their school.

Time for Indonesian children to rise from underdevelopment through your help, so that there will be no children who drop out of school just because of economic constraints. For information about OTAPA please contact Youth Shine Academy !!!